*people always look what they have done,but they dont try to look what they want to do.
*what doenst kill me today,make me alive for tomorrow.
*if we broke our neighbour's glass,we can say sory for them and they will say"neva mind..i'll fix it or buy a new one.."
but are we know in their heart,nope and neva...
coz the good one will shut their mouth for their friend's sake of goodness...=)
*where i come from,people dont talk,unless they have something to say.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

happiest moments =)

alhamdulillah dapat gak sambut bday die taon nie :)
bez gle kuar gi ts same2...mkan same,minum same2,msok blik air same2..eh! hehe :D
overall,u are my most person i love after my parents :)
thanx sayang :D

1 comment:

  1. tahniah . aku tumpang gembira utk korang :')
    btw,naik senget kepala aku tgok gmbar gmbar ni.lain kali rotate ah dulu bro~
    btw , congratulation korang :D